Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Less than a week to go

Can't believe it, we're less than 7 days from race day. Fundraising officially ends Thursday morning at 9am sharp. If you are waiting to be a dramatic last minute donation, I appreciate it but please make sure to get your donation in before Thursday morning. Currently because of your very generous support, I have helped raise over $2,100 dollars. Not too shabby but still shy of my goal. If you've been meaning to head over to my donation site, http://philly09.livestrong.org/frost, and splash down a few bucks, now is the time. I certainly appreciate it and as I've been saying all along, it is truly a worthy cause that I'm sure has directly touched each of our lives.

Last night I got a nice ride in with the C group at Pedal Power. We got in about 25 miles and considering the crazy heat and some weird stomach cramps, I felt pretty good. 100 miles is going to be epic, but I'm feeling pretty confident. The long term forecast is saying that by Sunday the heat wave should break so that's good. Everything is lining up nicely.

Last Sunday night, Clint and fellow Frost Philly Fatty member Jen Scharbach, held their joint fundraising event and it was a total blast not to mention success. They had a raffle/party at a local Mystic restaurant, Angie's Pizza. The Ramble Hoots played till one in the morning and with all the prizes they had to give away they raised over $1400 in one night. Kudos to them.

So there it is, the journey is almost complete. We started months ago without any stamina, no bike, and no real idea as to what I was getting into. Fast forward to today, I have much better stamina, I own a bike but still probably have no idea what I'm getting into. Well, I'll let you know come Monday. There will be pictures and I'm sure plenty of stories so stay tuned. And again, last chance to donate. You've officially been asked so please take this opportunity to help fight against this vicious disease that I know has touched your life in some way. Thanks for the support, I won't let you down come Sunday.

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