Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some Extra Philly Pics

Here are a few more pictures from the ride. Clint took most of these with a camera that he had stuffed in his jersey's back pocket. Love it.

Pre race jitters.

Me leading the race on the left with Team Fatty Captain Elden on the right. 6500 riders behind us, the police escort up ahead, it was an amazing, memorable moment.

Chad having just gotten us to the lead spot, with Elden on the right again. Clint had a nice turn up front also. Unfortunately since he was the man behind the camera we don't have any photo proof but trust me he had his turn and he lead it well.

Me riding about 40 miles in. Clint gets major props for taking this picture. I was wondering what he was doing rummaging through his back pocket, next thing I knew he had powered on his camera and was blindly pointing it behind him and this was the result...awesome shot.

Our super fans on the side of the course

The devil that was taunting us on the mile long uphill at mile 59.

The next day "doing" Philly, Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, cheese steaks...good times.

Again, a big Thanks to all who supported me. Great cause, great ride, great people; needless to say, we're already thinking about next year.

Thank You!

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  1. That really WAS an amazing, memorable moment, wasn't it? Thanks for riding with me!


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