Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fellow Philly Fatty Fundraiser

As you know, just because the Philly Challenge is over doesn't mean that the fight against cancer can be put on hold. If you read about our Philly ride, you know that we had a blast, while still managing to do some serious fundraising work to help the world get rid of this vicious disease we call cancer. While my brothers and I were content to start scheming about what we are going to do to step up our fundraising efforts for Philly next year, a fellow Fatty team member recently contacting me letting me know that she isn't going to wait. She's going to raise money and participate in the final LIVESTRONG Challenge of 2009 in Austin. Yes, I'm pretty jealous and somewhat surprised that I didn't do this myself. Maybe I should look into flights. Anyway, her name is Jenni and she was quite a hit with her pimped out bike in Philly. Most notably, she was rocking pink tires and chrome grip tape Nice. To see some pics check out her blog here.

The pink tires got so much attention that she is now using them as a way to raise some cancer fighting funds. In typical Team Fatty fashion, she is conducting an online raffle in which you, for a recession friendly 5 bucks, could win a set of these lovely pink tires. Ladies, you know nothing says I'm sporty but still a lady, like pink tires. And gents, slapping pink tires on your bike exudes a certain confidence that's sure to attract some attention. People will stop and stare and wonder, "Wow, what gives that man such power that he can get away with those pink tires". You'll know...oh, you'll know. And male or female, you're sure to enjoy the satisfaction that comes knowing that when you pass someone, the last thing they'll see as you ride away is your pink tire. Ouch.

As always, most importantly, whether you win some sweet pink tires or not, 100% of the proceeds will go to LIVESTRONG to help them continue to do the good work that they do for people affected by cancer. Jenni herself is a breast cancer survivor and if you get a chance after you donate here, you should catch up on her blog here.

I'm continually impressed with my Fatty team mates and I'm proud to be a part of such a robust team. While I won't be in Austin this year, Chad, Clint and I are going to go big next year and hope to do both Philly and Austin, maybe even the Ride of the Roses. We'll see, you're sure to hear about it.

Big kudos Jenni for keeping up the fight, can't wait to hear all about Austin!

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