Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good News, Bad News...

Good news is I now have a lot more time to train for the 100 Mile LIVESTRONG Challenge.

Bad news is I got laid off Monday so I'm now unemployed. D'oh!

I guess that makes me a full time blogger now, although this doesn't exactly pay the bills. While I've made about 10 bucks since starting this blog thanks to you who have clicked on the ads on this page, I don't see this as a viable career option. So like so many others these days, I'm off to the unemployment line, and the job hunt begins.

If anyone knows of some incredibly high paying job in CT that requires little work, is within 1.7 miles of Meriden, is a Tuesday through Thursday schedule, reports to a funny and relaxed boss, or better yet no boss, and has a huge signing bonus and guaranteed 10% raise every quarter, please let me know. I'll forward them my resume if I can squeeze it in my schedule.

I jest of course.

Sorry for no Mileage Monday update. As you now know, it was a bit of a downer day for me, plus Chad didn't get me his mileage till Tuesday, and Clint has yet to send me his. Unofficially, I'm pretty sure things stayed about the same last week, Chad first, followed by Clint and then me, but I feel like all that is about to change. Without that pesky thing of having a job, I'll be able to put down some serious rides and maybe come from behind and win the month of June. We'll see.

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