Friday, June 12, 2009

Christmas in June

Fatty Gear Arrived!!

It's a good day. I opened the mailbox and was greeted by a sizable package from Twin Six. It could only mean one thing, my new FatCyclist apparel is in da house. Now you know I'm not a real cyclist, and as such, up until today I did not own a real cycling jersey.

Well friends, now I do.

And not just any jersey, a limited edition 2009 Fat Cylcist jersey. Oh, and I said sizable package so you know there's more than just a jersey. That's right, I also got a Fatty water bottle, Fatty socks, a Fatty t-shirt, and the creme de la creme...FatCyclist bib shorts. It's the complete package, and it's nice. Bib shorts will be a new adventure for me. What could be cooler than padded spandex shorts? Padded spandex shorts with overall-like suspenders to hold them up. Oh yaa. I'm contemplating posting a picture of me in the bib shorts, but I'm not sure I'm ready for that level of public humiliation. Plus I'm trying to gain new readers, not scare existing one's off, so I'm on the fence about it. Probably would be pretty funny though...I'll think about it.

The best part of this cycling gear extravaganza, all of the proceeds from Twin Six's sales of this Fatty gear goes right to LIVESTRONG, to help cancer survivorship and research. Awesome. A while back I did a post on how Twin Six rules, and this is certainly more proof of that fact. Keep up the good work Ryan and crew.

I'm proud to wear this stuff, and it's a constant reminder that this is all for a great cause. A nessesary cause.

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