Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Not So Dramatic May Mileage Challenge Results

Chad Wins Frost Mileage Challenge for May

Unfortunately, Clint and I were powerless to stop the mileage train that was Chad this month. He was a little burned I think last month having been edged out by his noncyclist younger brothers and was seeking vengeance all month. Truth be told, May belonged to Chad all along, he came out strong week one, and kept turning the screws every week. By the last week, although he'll tell you he was worried that Clint or I would go berserk and pull of like a 300 mile week, he had it pretty well locked up. Clint made a valiant effort, getting in over 100 miles the last week, but it was not meant to be, Chad came out the victor by a mile, errr, actually by lots of miles. I lived up to my NonCyclist name this month, and came in 3rd (it just sounds better than dead last).
Chad giving us a high five, meaning he got in more than 500 miles in the month of May, and yes, that definitely wins.

Clint, quietly marches to a strong second place finish again this month. Something to be said for consistency.

I round out the top 3, and yes, for those perceptive readers, this is the same picture from my 100 miles of nowhere finish. Sore legs, and lots of rain are my excuses for blanking in the final week of the month.

Frost Mileage Challenge: Final Results for May
1ts Place - Chad: 520 Total Miles!
2nd Place - Clint: 408.8 Total Miles
3rd Place - Clay: 236.43 Total Miles
Like I said, Chad killed it. More than double the miles that I got in this month...ouch. And what's worse is that I won last month with only 230.6 miles. So even though I beat the month I had in April (barely), it wasn't even close to winning. That means that I'm now obligated to win another one of these months to prove that my win in April wasn't a fluke caused by Chad and Clint not riding up to their full potential. UGGHHH, I thought one win would be enough.
Anyway, full congrats go out to both Chad and Clint for having great months. The mileage challenge worked again, as Chad said on many occasions that he might not have been out riding had it not been for this silly (although really serious) friendly competition. Having come in dead last this month, I already paid up to the winners. Which I was happy to do, as they clearly deserved it and it's going to a great cause. On a fundraising note, another congrats goes out to Chad who finally got off his butt and sent out his fundraising email and is now close to $700.00 raised for the LIVESTRONG foundation. This is all about the fight against Cancer, so if you have done something yet, now's the time. If you'd like to help with a donation, please click here, if you'd like to join our team yourself and raise money yourself, we'd love to have you, click here. Thanks for your support!

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