Monday, June 22, 2009

Sorry for the Radio Silence

It's been an interesting last week or so, and blogging and bike riding have not been at the top of the to-do list. I've been busy looking for and interviewing for a new job. Also, the movie is almost finished but it's crunch time and I'm still trying to track down some additional financing for post production work. So while you may have thought that I've just been sitting on the couch watching the Price Is Right and Judge Judy all day, alas that's not the case.

I do have a Mileage Monday report for you today, so that's something. Plus, Todd and I are planning a ride this afternoon even in the face of 50/50 rain odds, so I'm getting back in the swing of things. The race is fast approaching so we gotta stay on track.

Mileage Monday

Chad, while not turning the screws on Clint and me as hard as he's been doing lately, is still leading June which surprisingly is almost over. I was barely aware that June began and here we are, already coming down to the last week. Clint again has maintained a good effort and will hold on to 2nd place. And as for myself...I really shouldn't have jinxed myself back in May, cause I've been struggling ever since. I've got to break out of this training funk and get back into a good routine. A nice ride today should help, and this weekend Beck and I are heading up to Ithaca NY to see her folks and the bike is coming with. There are some beautiful roads up there and a fresh ride in some new surroundings will do me some good. Also, I could take out the Lotus for a quick spin which might spark some new flames. Ahhh, the Lotus.

Anyway, here are the pics and numbers.Chad showing a little LIVESTRONG love in his pic this week.

Clint, over the thirteen hundred mile mark on his new bike.

And me, over the 500 mile mark...whoopee.

Mileage Challenge Total for June (so far)

1st Place - Chad: 342 Miles
2nd Place - Clint: 257.8 Miles
Last Place - Clay : 100.89 Miles

Wow. Honestly, I didn't know how pathetic I've been this month till I just did the math just now. Ouch, I've really been slackin...barely over 100 miles in 3 weeks is really not good. Must ride more.

Also, how weird is this, Chad's numbers, while over 300 apart are all the same digits just rearranged. He started at 2482 and is now at 2824...eerie.

Alright, gotta go ride now.

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