Monday, March 16, 2009

159 days to go and still no bike

But the Big Purchase might be next Sat.

So my quest for a road bike is (hopefully) coming to an end soon. I took two bikes for test drives this weekend, a Trek 2.1 and a Felt F85 and they are both great bikes. I like the braking power of the Felt a little more, but besides that they were both leaps and bounds better than the classic loaner I'm riding right now. Before I make my purchase however, I've got to check out my younger brother's bike shop up in Boston. Supposedly they have good bikes and great deals so next Saturday I'm going to check it out. I've talked to the owner and he has a GT road bike for me to check out and also a Jamis, so we'll see. Very exciting.

I'm thinking that with only 159 days until race day, it's probably pretty important to buy a bike sooner, rather than later. The test drives this weekend really wet my appetite. I was amazed at how well these new bikes perform compared to the old Lotus. I mean I knew that it would be a significant improvement but it was literally like driving a Ferrari vs. a Kia. I can't wait to get on a real steed and step up the training. Last night, over cigars and bourbon (like I said, I'm not in training mode quite yet), my friend Todd and I were planning a 60 mile training ride from our houses to the shore to be completed this summer, should be fun, I'll keep you posted.

Also, a big shout out to Fatty at Fat Cylist. He is one of the reasons that I'm doing this undertaking and today is the day he finds out if he won a Bloggie Award for his website. Keep your fingers crossed and check out his site. The latest I heard is that Team Fatty has raised over $140,000 and still going strong...simply impressive. Also, our Fatty team in Philly was the first of the four Fatty teams to hit our goal of 125 team members, so way to go, fellow Fatty Philly fanatics. It's for a great cause that affects us all so donate if you can, it's much appreciated. I received my shipment of LiveSTRONG bracelets today, so anyone who donates gets a bracelet. Once you have confirmation of your donation, just shoot me an email and I'll get a bracelet out to you ASAP.

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