Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The battle of the pedals.

Alright, so you may have seen in the pictures from the ride last weekend, I'm still rocking Nike's and toe clips on my new bike. I know this must come to an end ASAP, but before it does, I'd love to have your input.

Should I put on SPD pedals or Look pedals. A bike shop here in town said I should go Look, and that's what my older brother uses, but I've also heard that you can't go wrong with SPD's and both my little brother and Todd use them.

Here's what I've done. I ordered 2 pairs of shoes and both SPD and LOOK pedals and will conduct a little test of my own, but I also would love to hear from people that are actually using the technology right now. What would you recommend and why. The most compelling argument gets bolted on first. Keep in mind, I'm new and sure to fall clipped in no matter which brand I use, and that my end goal here is a century ride, so comfort is as important as functionality I assume. I could be wrong here, but that makes sense to me. Can't wait to hear from you.


  1. I'm not sure which SPD's your talking about. I have to double sided SPDs that are commonly used on mountain bikes. I love them because they are easy to get into. No pedals to turn over.

  2. Either will certainly work. The SPDs have the advantage of having recessed cleats in the shoes. This allows walking in them to be easier. That said, I use Look Keo's. I have no problems riding centuries and can do one at the drop of a hat. I put cleat covers on my cleats and have no big problems walking around. Of course, I don't go hiking in them, just a little bit of standing here and there. clipless pedals are, after all, designed for riding, not walking. But, if you intend walking alot, then SPDs might be the way to go.


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