Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Rider for the Cause

Team Fatty Keeps on Growing

A warm welcome goes out to my friend and new team mate Todd Guerrette. Todd has joined Team Fat Cyclist: Fighting for Susan and will be riding with my brothers and I, in the 100 mile LiveSTRONG Challenge in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, Todd's sister-in-law Kim is battling breast cancer, so in honor and support of her, Todd will be dusting off the bike (yes, he already owns one) and raising money to support the cause.

Having Todd join up is a great addition and is a good reminder that this isn't just a fun ride or a good excuse to try something new and make fun of myself. While the journey to race day can be fun, and learning a new sport is exciting/humiliating, the entire reason that we're taking on this challenge is to support a critical cause that in some way, effects us all. We appreciate your support, both financially and otherwise, so please visit our fundraising pages and keep the emails and comments coming.

If you live in CT/MA/RI area, keep an eye out for our fundraising events. I'll make sure all the information gets posted to the blog as we finalize things, but we will be throwing an event or two in support of the Philly 09 LiveSTRONG challenge so stay tuned. If you'd like to be kept in touch via email please drop me a note at and I'll make sure you get added to the distribution list. To make sure you don't miss a blog, bookmark this page or you can also subscribe to using the subscription buttons on the right hand side of the blog. Again, thanks for all of the support!

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