Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mission (almost) Accomplished

Double Digit Ride Eludes Me

Totally bummed. I did get a ride in but the world conspired against me breaking into the double digits. Unfortunately, I didn't get home from work until 6:41. I knew that I was running out of daylight quick, so I planned my pit stop as I drove home. I would run upstairs, change into my "biking" clothes, pull hamburgers out of the freezer for dinner, tie on my Nike's, check over the Lotus and hit the road. All went according to plan. Also, it was warm enough today to forgo the french rolled wind pants and replace them with some comfy gym shorts. Also, I haven't gotten around to cleaning Becky's snowboarding gloves, plus it was a bit warm for them so, I grabbed a pair of her teal stretchy under gloves, yes teal, and off I went.

About a mile in, the sun had already disappeared beyond the horizon but things were actually going pretty good. I was getting used to dealing with the Herbie the Love bug unexpected gear shifts, I wasn't freezing and besides the teal gloves, I thought I was looking the part much more, having ditched the wind pants.

Today felt like I was actually riding a bike. I'm not in shape yet, my legs are weak and my lungs not where they need to be, but I felt faster, if only in my mind. I continued past my normal turn around points, so I knew no matter what, this would be my longest ride to date.

Dusk was not my friend at this point. I should have turned around but I found myself on a downhill. Turns out, going fast is fun. I couldn't force myself to turn around although, I keep thinking that when I do finally turn around, all this downhill will devilishly change into a long gradual uphill. Oh well, I'm free as a bird, the wind is flowing through my hair, well my helmet I guess, but you get the point, I was having a moment.

All good things come to an end, and soon the downhill ended and I turned around.


I'm an idiot. My temporary high was obviously and unsurprisingly shattered as I looked up the hill and the road home. No point in dilly dallying, lets get on with it. I messed with the gears enough to find one that didn't shift up on it's own immediately, and started cranking. It was decidedly not as fun as coming down the hill but in the end, I'd say it was worth it. I made it back up to the flats and continued home. It was waaaaaaay darker than I would've liked by the time I got home and I was seriously doubting my choice of black jacket and grey shorts, but there I was, safe and sound.

You probably guessed that I don't yet have a bike computer. Not surprising as I don't yet have a bike, but I mention it because at this point I was really hoping that I made ten miles. I knew that I went longer than the six mile ride and the glorious downhill followed by the tedious uphill, felt like it took awhile. Alas, Google Pedometer doesn't lie. When I got home and checked, it turns out that I only went a measly 7.85 miles. Further than 6 but way short of 10. Oh well, there's always tomorrow and I least I got out for a ride.

On a side note, do the ridiculously weak, post ride legs, improve with training? Stepping off the bike when I was done, it was like I had never walked before. If I had to bend over to pick up a quarter, I'm not sure if I could've gotten back up. As I walked up the two stairs in my garage to get into my house, I had to steady myself. I hope this 'little old lady, post ride leg syndrome' doesn't happen after every ride. We'll see.

Lastly, thanks for the interest. I don't know how you all are finding me, but I'm flattered that you're checking out the blog. Bookmark it and keep checking back. As the rides get longer, I'm sure the shenanigans will ensure.

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