Thursday, April 9, 2009


I Blame Myself

Mileage Monday has come and gone, and yes, you know that I gloated, and was feeling good about my noncyclist self, and yet here we are, Thursday, and I have yet to add to my 32.5 mile total. You don't want to hear them, but here are my excuses, and I know they're just excuses.

Monday - Rain. If I was a real cyclist maybe I would have put up with it, but luckily for my, I'm the noncyclist.

Tuesday - Meeting with financial planner after work. (yes, in this economy, it was about as painful as you are imagining)

Wednesday - After work I had to bolt down to NYC to meet with a musician about doing an orginal track for our upcoming documentary. It went well, but that's a whole other post.

All this while, my brothers have righfully so, been sticking it to me. Both Chad and Clint have been logging miles consistiently this week, so while nothing is official, I'm sure I'm the low man on the totum pole as of now. And to think, just a few short days ago, I was so happy with myself. I now regret saying in my previous post that "busy lives hindered their good intentions and kept them out of the saddle". Clearly kharma is real, and I'm feeling it this week.

Not all is lost however. I will be on the bike tonight, and the clipless adventure can finally begin. I should be able to get in about 16 or so miles after work, so hopefully I can slow the bleeding.

I guess the only good news about this whole ordeal, is that the purpose behind the Mileage Challenge is working. I won't speak for my brothers but I know that I feel compelled to get out and ride a little bit more, knowing that fundraising, and pride is on the line. Speaking of fundraising, just thinking out loud, maybe one month we should have a Fundraising Challenge. Hmmm, something to stew over today, we'll see. Gotta love some healthy compitition.

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