Monday, April 13, 2009

Mileage Monday

Clint Closes the Gap.

Another week goes by, and the mileage starts to (slowly) pile up. My younger brother Clint stepped up his game this week and caught up to me, while Chad continued his reign of generosity by not logging many miles. Lucky for Clint and me, this whole mileage challenge thing was Chad's idea so we can't feel too bad about whooping up on him. Before I get to this week though, I should update the blog with some additional starting evidence. Chad sent this gem to me as his week one starting mileage. He said he sent it to me last week and somehow it went unnoticed in my inbox. How I could miss this fine photo example of good, clean, competitive angst is beyond me, but the good news is we got it now.So he started at 1742 miles. This week he didn't blank and managed to sneak in 19 miles ending at 1761 miles and apparently was less feisty while taking the picture this week.
I didn't add on as many miles as I did last week but I am holding onto the lead by a very slim margin. This is my photo evidence and as you can see, I'm up to a total of 56.08 miles, so I only added on 23 miles last week. Kinda depressing to realize that it took me two weeks to reach the halfway point (mileage wise) of the race I'll be riding in come August. Yikes.
On to Clint's mileage. The only caveat here is that I have yet to receive Clint's computer photo so I don't have it to post. I know he took one, so when I get it, you'll see it, but until then, we're believing him. He got on his horse this week and stomped both Chad and me, by riding 54 miles last week alone! Kudos to him. Chad and I have to start cranking unless we want to find ourselves fighting for second very soon.

April Totals So Far

1st - Clay: 56 miles
2nd - Clint: 54 miles
3rd - Chad: 19 miles

So there it is, Mileage Monday. This post is a bit late and almost became Mileage Tuesday but oh well. The anticipation was killing you I'm sure and I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, but busy day, yada yada; I hope you can find it in you're heart to forgive me. Thanks for reading.

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