Monday, April 6, 2009

Mileage Monday

Non Cyclist takes the lead!

I know it's not cool to gloat, but...I'm ahead in the mileage challenge by over 30 miles! You faithful readers out there are doing the math in you're head right now, and, you're realizing that I've only ridden 32.5 miles in the last week. Yup, you got it. My bros were kind enough to park their bikes for the week and let me get a head start. Ok, Ok, they didn't really want to give me a head start, but busy lives hindered their good intentions and kept them out of the saddle this week. Bad for them, good for me. So here are the actual totals.

Starting Mileage - 1742.0 Ending Mileage - 1742.0 Total Gain - 0

Starting Mileage - 424.2 Ending Mileage - 424.2 Total Gain - 0

Starting Mileage - 0 Ending Mileage - 32.5 Total Gain - 32.5

Here is the picture of my computer, the boys haven't sent in their pictures so we're going honor system style.

So now I'm the one with the target on his back, and I'm sure these guys are going to come strong this week. We're hoping to all get a ride in together over the Easter weekend, so I gotta log some serious miles during the week if I'm going to hold on to the figurative yellow jersey. Also the pedals are going on tonight so, weather permitting, the clipless adventure begins tomorrow. Thanks to all who voted and who sent me emails about the pedal debate. While the SPD pedals won the vote by a slim margin, the Look pedals got the most enthusiastic email response, so the Looks are getting put on as soon as I post this blog. Stay tuned.

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