Saturday, April 18, 2009

My First Car

The Chase was On.

Got home from work in good time last night and thought I better put some miles on the bike. I haven't heard much from Chad or Clint this week, which is making me nervous. Either they haven't ridden at all, or they are racking up serious mileage that they are going to drop on me Sunday.

With the Lotus back to her rightful owner, I was on the GT again, and it was good. The bike fits, love the clipless pedals, and I was feeling the love. It was about 68 degrees and sunny, so it was perfect for a ride. I set out to do the sixteen mile loop. Everything was going swimmingly. Although I did almost have my first pedal mishap. I was coming up to a stoplight, and it almost slipped my mind. I was worried about securing my place in line amongst the cars, which I did, but then as we all rolled to a complete stop, I was still securely fixed t my bike. Luckily, the panic didn't set in immediately and I was able to get my left foot out, and avoided disaster/embarrassment.

That wasn't the big news of the ride however. I was just around the halfway point when opportunity presented itself. The last half mile before I turn around and head home is a long gradual uphill. The good news there is that after I turn around, not only am I headed home, but I got a nice long, gradual downhill to enjoy. So on this day, I turn around and start coasting down. I look down and see that up to this point, my max speed is 31 miles an hour. Since there's no time like the present, I decide that now is a good time to try and beat that, so I start mashing the pedals. Before long I'm moving, and getting faster. It was about that time, that I see a mid-nineties Cadillac cruising down the hill. Now I keep on going about my business of beating my max speed, but the next time I look down the road, I start to wonder if I'm gaining on this Caddie. In a totally rational and well thought out decision, I decide that instead of a new max speed, my first priority should be passing this car.
I know, very childish, but also very fun.

So here I am, slowly gaining ground on the Cadillac, and pedaling my guts out. It was glorious, my only regret is that I couldn't see the view from the car. I was soon on their bumper and started to slowly pass 'em, luckily the side of the road was in pretty good shape. Also, I chose the right driver to pass, had it been me driving, if some cyclist rolled up on me and started to pass me, I may have sped up and left them in my dust. This driver however, kept up his original pace, and soon the Cadillac was in my rear view mirror, well, if I had one, you know what I mean. Anyway, I was pretty high on myself at this point, however this was also the point where the slight downhill ends, and the flat begins. Now I was having to really work to keep up this pace, but the stop sign was just up ahead, and I really wanted to make it to the intersection before I got re-passed. Good news, I kept it up and made it to the Stop sign, I took my left and I assume the Caddie took a right cause I never saw them again.

It took me a minute to recover, cause I had spent way to much energy on that stupid stunt and I was huffing for sure. On a side note, not only did I pass the car, I also crushed my max speed. My new max speed is 34.6 miles an hour...sweet.

I got my legs and wind back and the rest of the ride home went by pretty much as usual, except for the stupid, ear to ear grin plastered to my face. Gotta love chasing cars.

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