Monday, April 27, 2009

Mileage Monday Gets Interesting

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Chad Kills it This Week

Ouch. One word pretty much sums it up. Going into this week, Chad had been bringing up the rear in a big way. He's been crazy busy at work, and he's got two young kids that are into a lot of stuff. Clint and I have been doing moderately well in taking advantage of this but apparently not well enough. Chad rocketed onto the scene by putting on 82 miles this week. Yup, you read right, 82 miles last week alone. That's twice as much as he had done in total leading up to last week.

Calculated Timing.

This is what I think happened, although I may be giving Chad more credit than I should. He has known for some time now that Clint and I were going up to ski/ride Tuckerman's Ravine last weekend. Chad, rightfully so, was a little bummed about not being able to go this year, but I think he was plotting all along to wait until this, the last weekend of the month, to pounce. He rode enough this month to stay within striking distance but not too much that it would make Clint and I worry about adding a couple miles here or there to lengthen our leads. Then, while Clint and I were enjoying the avalanches and perfect weather on Mount Washington this past weekend, Chad turned it on and is now effectively tied for the lead. Whether or not this was premeditated or not, I guess it doesn't much matter. I have to say, the mileage challenge is working for sure. There is no way that I would have gone out for a ride last night if I hadn't been thinking about the competition. The day before, we hiked for about 6 hours with untold vertical feet thrown in there. My legs were not happy with me when I tried to get off the couch, let alone trying to pedal my butt down the road. I know, I know, I should just be getting out to ride for the love of riding, and purists will scoff at this, but I'm a noncyclist remember. We all need a little push once in a while, right. Anyway, it's all about the numbers so here they are.

April Totals Thus Far

1st - Clay: 125.5 miles
2nd - Chad: 125.0 miles
3rd - Clint: 110.4 miles
And here is the photographic evidence for me and Chad, Clint seems to be resistant to getting his photo in on time, but we believe him.

Chad's mileage, finally a hand gesture that's both positive and family friendly.

Here's mine, finally over the 100 mile mark on my bike.

OK, so that was the last Mileage Monday of April but the month isn't over yet. Here is how the rest of the month is going to go down. The final mileage picture for the month must be submitted by 11:59 pm Thursday night, the last day of April. Any mileage not properly documented by then will not count. The winner of the Mileage Challenge for April will be announced on Friday and the donations made by the losers (I mean non-winners) soon after. My guess is that the boys are going to be playing it pretty close to the vest this week. I know I'm gonna be pressed to get in some riding but I'll do my best. I have to head into the city tonight, and Wed. and Thurs. Becky has some surprise B-Day plans for me. Sounds awesome, but that leaves me with only Tuesday to really do some damage. Wish me luck.

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