Friday, May 22, 2009

Crazy Memorial Day Weekend Planned

I'm headed to Cape Cod this weekend with Becky to hang out with friends and enjoy the long weekend. It's always a blast and I'm looking forward to hanging out with friends that I don't get to see as much as I'd like. The weather is supposed to cooperate and being right on the water is always sweet. So what could I possibly be nervous about this weekend?

Well... Becky has been running a ton this year, while I on the other hand have been focusing on my version of cycling this spring. I think I've jogged about 3 miles since last October. I've been loving it, but I'm am not even remotely in shape when it comes to running. This is a problem since we tend to do multiple 5K's throughout the year and they're always a good time. Who doesn't love a "free for the price of registration" t-shirt. Now, I can muster through a bunch of 5k's even if I'm out of shape, but now that Becky's been running like a mad woman, our 5k's have turned into 7 milers or half marathons. Which brings me to this weekend. Becky found a road race for us to do on the Cape...awesome. Love to do it, but it just so happens that this is also the 100 Miles of Nowhere weekend. This means that somehow, in between partying 24/7 with friends, serious rounds of horseshoes, grilling and eating way too much, and not getting to bed until God knows when, I've got to manage a half marathon (although I may very well wuss out and do the 7 miler...sorry Jamie) and a 100 mile bike ride. I'll let you know how it goes. Lots of pictures and stories to post come Monday, uhhhh I mean Tuesday. Till then, have a great holiday weekend.

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