Friday, May 8, 2009

Very Exciting Stuff Coming Up

Couple of things.

Number one, fun group 40 mile ride planned for tomorrow. It'll be the longest ride to date, with the most people to date. Should be a great new experience and I can't wait to tell you all about it. It's like Christmas for you I know.

Number two, can't spill the whole can of beans quite yet, but a very exciting fundraising partnership is in the works. Sorry...that's all I can say for now. Maybe this is mean and I shouldn't have said anything at all, but I'm pretty excited and keeping that in isn't healthy.

Besides that, not too much new over here, hence the radio silence this week. The weather has literally been horrible all week. We had just enough of a break in the rain Wednesday for me to get in the 16 mile loop after work. But other than that, I'm coming up empty this week. Chad is going on the ride with me tomorrow, so we should both get in a little mileage before mileage Monday, but not an impressive training week, that's for sure. On top of that, on Tuesday I agreed to run a half marathon on Memorial Day, which I have not been training for. Becky thought it would be fun to do a race on the Cape that weekend as we'll be hanging out with friends there. She found an event that has a 5K, a 7 miler, and the John Kelley Half Marathon. She's been running a lot this spring and thought that we could do the 7 miler together, ya know, nice little jog, post run food, love it. Then my buddy Jamie caught wind of this and thought he would join the fun. However, as you may have already read, if you read the comments on this blog, that he then proceeded to call me out for doing the wussy 7 miler. Well after some not so careful consideration, I decided I could probably man up and go the 13.1 miles even though I have yet to go for a jog yet this year, so there we are. Oh, and Becky is now going to do the half as well, and will probably run laps around me, should be a great weekend.

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