Friday, May 1, 2009

The Dramatic Conclusion of April's Mileage Challenge

What a week!

Unfortunately there can only be one winner of the mileage challenge but there was no shortage of effort by the brother's Frost to come out on top this week. If you forgot what was on the line besides bragging rights check out this post. You may recall that it was mine to lose this month. I've had a lead the whole month coming into these last four days of the month, although Chad cut that lead to only a half a mile last Monday. I knew that he and Clint would be bringing the heat this week and that I would have to get creative/crazy to stay ahead. Below this post is a detailed account of my training week that you can check out. Chad wound up getting in an impressive 95 miles in the last four days. Unfortunately for him, Clint got in 117 miles in that same time to overcome Chad by a few miles. Luckily for me, I was feeling good last night, and got in 35 miles instead of my planned 20, for a total of 125 miles since Monday which helped me hold on to win the month. It was that close. If I had stopped early, Clint could have beaten me by a couple miles. It was a hard fought week, and the suspense was fun. Each day, I was wondering what they were doing to rack up miles, love the friendly competition. Since the cat is out of the bag, I'll just post the numbers and pics.

Chad's mileage, sans hand gesture this week...bummer, I guess the Bike mag will have to do.

Clint's mileage, over 100 miles in the last fours days, nice job.

My mileage, it took everything I had to hold the lead. I'm psyched to have a win under my belt because getting shut out in this challenge was a real possibility.

Frost Mileage Challenge

Final Results for April

1st Place - Clay: 251.1 Total Miles

2nd Place - Clint: 230.2 Total Miles

3rd Place - Chad: 220.0 Total Miles

Lot's of fun and a great time had by all. Easy to say as the winner I guess, but I hope my brothers would agree. No time to gloat either as today marks the beginning of the Challenge for May. These final month pics will also serve as the starting pics for May, so game on once more. Also, my kind brothers were very quick to pay up. The donations have already been made, so besides getting a good push to train harder, the LAF is getting more donations as well. It's a win/win. Love it.

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