Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mileage Monday and more...

Lot's of News on the NonCyclist Front

First things first, I've been tight lipped about a new fundraising idea that's been in the works and I'm happy to report that it's launching today. As all of you know, I got into cycling this year in order to raise money in the fight against cancer and participate in the 100 Mile LIVESTRONG Challenge in Philly. This all came about because my brother Chad is a avid cyclist, and also an avid reader of fatcyclist.com. Elden "Fatty" Nelson is the blogger on that site and has parlayed his site's popularity and influence to help fight cancer. To fight cancer, he has come up with many creative ideas, raffles, and events, most recently his 100 miles of Nowhere event. It's a hilarious idea, but a seriously great way to raise some money. Over 400 people signed up, including myself, and with this event alone we have raised over $20,000 for the LAF!

Now, here I am, racking my brain to get more creative about my own fundraising, when my mind wandered back to a comment that had struck me when reading Fatty's blog. KitC made a comment about how she was going to print up her own bib for this most ridiculous "race" and I thought that was hysterical. But then I got to thinking; what if we had bibs made up, and for an little extra donation you would receive a professionally printed race bib, complete with logos and color numbers. Well, I floated this idea by Elden via email, and instantly he was on board. It took some doing, and some cash, but here we are, bibs printed and ready to be shipped. Fatty blogged about it today, and already, within minutes, 6 people have donated for their "Official 100 Miles of Nowhere Race Bib", brought to you by NonCyclist.com. Sweet.

To order your official bib, CLICK HERE, and make a secure online donation of $5.00.

Once you make the donation, I'll have you're address from the donation page and your bib will be put in the mail, with plenty of time to arrive on "race day", May 23rd. Thanks Elden, and all his followers for your support! Win!

P.S. KitC, email me so I can get you your bib on the house. Thanks for the inspiration!

Onto Mileage Monday...

Chad's been busting my stones to get this post up, and rightfully so. With the fundraising thing coming together and my Father-In-Law Larry in town last night for a surprise, quick dinner visit, I didn't get to make the time to post Mileage Monday. Now, for all you intuitive readers out there, you may have already guessed that Chad pulled into the lead this week, for the May Mileage Challenge, 'cause he sure wasn't bothering me to post the mileage updates last month...zing. Anyway, it's true, Chad, determined not to wait to the last minute this month, has charged ahead and Clint and I are in his rear view mirror. Well, figuratively speaking anyway, don't worry, he doesn't have on of those Velcro-to-the-handlebars-rear-view mirrors... not that there's anything wrong with 'em.

Here's the proof and the numbers.

Chad started at 1,962 miles this month, so this shows he road 106 miles so far in May, nice.

Clint's off to a better start than me as well, he got in 65.3 miles so far.

And I will update when I have my photo, but I got in a measly 61 miles so far this month. You got it, having won the whole thing last month, now I've quickly fallen to the rear this month. Don't you worry thought, a little motivation, and a week that doesn't rain everyday but one is all I need to jump back in this thing. If you're new to the blog check this post out to be brought up to speed on what we're talking about with this whole Mileage Challenge thing.

Frost May Mileage Challenge

1st Place - Chad: 106 miles

2nd Place - Clint: 65.3 miles

3rd (a.k.a last) Place - Clay:61 miles

Well, I guess I need to get out for a ride today. Oh but wait, I have a softball game today, which not only means time will be tight, but you guessed it, our softball schedule remains perfect in predicting rain. Tonight's forecast, sunny and mid 60s until about 5 o'clock when the thunderstorms with a chance of hail roll through. Great, maybe I'll get that ride in tomorrow.

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