Monday, May 18, 2009

Mileage Monday Update

Chad's Pulling Ahead.
So May is turning out to be quite a bit different than April. I'm at about the same, if not a little ahead of the mileage mark that I set this time last month, yet instead of being in the lead, I'm wallowing in last place. So that can only mean one thing; while I've stayed about the same, Chad and Clint have come out, guns blazing in May. As a result, they are whopping my butt this month. Chad is continuing the avenging of his last place finish last month by pounding out 138 miles last week; biggest week ever in this contest I'm pretty sure. Clint continues to kill it as well, finishing last week close on Chad's heels, or wheels I guess, logging in 126 miles last week. Little old NonCyclist brings up the rear with a measly 68 miles. Ouch. Props to my brothers, but I have to kick it into high gear if I'm even going to fight for second place this month. The only positive thing I have up my sleeve is the 100 Miles of Nowhere, so at least I can plan on 100 miles to add to my total soon, although my brothers are fully aware of that, and are planning accordingly I'm sure. Here are the pictures from first to worst, wish me luck in closing the gap this week.
Chad's picture. No gestures, no magazine background, just miles and miles...
Clint's odometer showing off his hard work this week.
Me... keeping last place company.

Frost May Mileage Challenge

1st Place - Chad: 244 miles
2nd Place - Clint: 191.3 miles
3rd Place - Clay: 129 miles

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