Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mileage Monday, errr Mileage Tue, ummm Mileage We, oh wait, Mileage Thursday

OK, my bad... busy week and here we are Mileage Monday has been bumped back to Thursday. And this is the last week of the month no less. For the sake of brevity, here's the numbers and the quick story. The story actually stays the same, Chad is a beast this month. He's still in the lead and has been adding miles like it's going out of style. Clint continues to be consistent and holds onto a secure second place. And I, despite already logging more miles than last month in which I won the challenge, rest squarely on the bottom of the heap. With only four days to go for May, I'd like to say it's still anyone's game, but Chad is making that seem pretty impossible. Nothing motivates like a loss, and I guess last month lit the fire under his saddle. Drumroll please...the numbers and pictures.
Another thumbs up from Chad, 'cause yes, he's dominating.
Clint continues to stay in the hunt and is sure to pull off some last week magic.

Not much to say about me in last place. The 100 Miles of Nowhere didn't even help me catch these guys.

May Mileage Challenge Totals Thus Far

1st Place - Chad: 387.0 Miles

2nd Place - Clint: 291.8 Miles

3rd Place - Clay: 236.43 Miles

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